COVID-19 Update: We of Companions on the Inner Way are holding you all in prayer as we observe the necessary isolation of this difficult time.  We are grateful that we were able to hold our March 2020 retreat in Malibu, but we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel our August 2-7, 2020 retreat at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center, Lake Tahoe. 

Even if shelter-in-place orders have been lifted, it may not be safe or wise to gather in a large group.  Two things you should know, however:  First, we are planning to offer some ways you can connect to Companions virtually during that August week, so stay tuned for that.  In addition, our August 2020 presenters, Aidsand and Betty Wright-Riggins, have graciously agreed to be our presenters in Malibu next year, so plan to come to Serra with them February 28-March 5, 2021. 

We send our love and offer the poem below as a talisman of our connection.

Take care – peace and blessings,

Carolyn Foster, Director


I break off a fragment to send to you.

Please take this grain of a grain of hope

so that mine won’t shrink.

Please share your fragment

so that yours will grow.

Only so, by division, will hope increase,

like a clump of irises, which will cease to flower

unless you distribute the clustered roots, unlikely

source –

clumsy and earth-covered –

of grace.

Denise Levertov, Candles in Babylon


One participant's impression of Companions / Tahoe 2019:




Companions on the Inner Way offers a safe communal place to explore our deep longings for the Holy. Grounded in the Christian tradition, our contemplative retreats incorporate body, mind, and soul through presentations, dialogue, spiritual practices, art, music, movement, and worship with Eucharist. We strive to create an environment that is theologically curious, radically welcoming, and liturgically vibrant.


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  •  “I was desperate for silence, but to do my inner work, I also needed the support of beauty and love. These I received.”

    -S. S. - Tahoe Retreat 2016

  •   “This was the best of the best of any retreat I have ever attended.  My challenge in my spiritual path is to get out of my head and into my body and heart.  The content, process, and pacing really supported that.” 

    M. R . - Malibu Retreat 2017

  • "After our last Lectio Group, we got ready for our last worship service. Dr. Luther Smith preached a great sermon, and just like the rest of the week, the worship was phenomenal. One line that Luther shared during this sermon, from Howard Thurman, really sunk in for me. It was about prayer, and the power of prayer in the lives of those doing the praying. Thurman said: 'God’s answer to a prayer may be no, but God’s answer to a pray-er is always yes'.” 

    Adam Walker Cleveland - Tahoe Retreat

  •    "This week was so much more than I could have imagined – a gift of grace, creativity, and beauty.”