Suggested Materials

We invite you to prepare the following supplies for our time together: 

  • Paper/journal and pencil/pen for note taking 


  • Bread and cup for Communion during Saturday worship


  • A small to medium size box (ex: 7" x 5")  that we will be embellishing. You can find one at a craft store, on Amazon or, probably, in your home.

  • Art supplies to decorate the box. (Option 1: fine/medium tip markers or a fine tip paint brush and paints. Option 2: whatever medium you like to use, such as images/glue, crayons/colored pencils, paints, etc.)
We also invite you to "set a space" for a time of retreat: 
  • Space: 
Consider where you will be "retreating." Remove distractions and perhaps add a candle, or anything that symbolizes to you that this is sacred space and time. Allow for a bit of room to move wherever you will be sitting. 
  • Agreements: 
Choose ahead of time what boundaries or limits you are putting on yourself as far as media as well as availability or conversation/relating to anyone who may live with you.
  • Body care
Consider having your meals prepared ahead of time. Do your best to get a good night's rest. 
  • Zoom: 
Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom on the devices you will be using.